We came in time as before and eager to learn, always.


We are a small winery with a Vineyard Malbec 1920 just two acres maintained as before, work the land with horses without machines or fertilizers.


Fertilized with Guano. There were tractors and machinery aggressive.


The vineyard is proposed and designed by immigrants using Olivos Arauca today centenarians in the rows of malbec, obtaining fair and natural shade that gives the estate grapes, as they thought 100 years ago.

Watered by irrigation ditches and furrows with meltwater from the Andes.


We are in Mendoza, on Maipu Wine roads in a small Terroir called Cruz de Piedra, place known as First Zone Wine of Mendoza. We harvest the grapes in April, by hand with scissors in boxes of 20 kilos,


selected immediately desgranamos, and then we selected a stainless steel tank for fermentation. We control all the variables permanently.


Wing Overs exact time indicated and wine is accompanied by a temperature just as our harvest is almost fall. Then we go to sleep and cask wine a year.


Select the section according to the expression of each barrel, fraccionamos controlling temperature and using special filter necessary for each vintage. We filled bottle by bottle and encorchamos hand.


The bottles rest in our cellars at a controlled temperature.


The grape, climate, care, water and earth make wine. We care for it like they used to. We respect the time.


Note: We only wine. Malbec.

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